About Us

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Our story

The Opportunity

Irish Restaurants are losing 23% of all gross sales online because of a monopoly held by our competitors. Restaurants and Takeaways are being forced out of business or barely surviving due to the high cost and commission structure by these companies. 

Zero Control of Restaurant profits until released by our compeditors on a monthly basis after all charges and commission are withdrawn at a rate of 23%.

The Customer at home is charged a fee for online food transactions making it more expensive for the user to order food online from home.

The Vision

The idea was born from feedback from clients of Kennedy and Co. accountancy firm. Over 50 restaurants as clients were complaining of the charges and commission structure that was taking all their profits.

With no other options in the current market they were tied to a contract with no choice to try save profits.

With zero control of their own profits from online sales the restaurants needed an alternative to control and process their own funds accordingly while saving money with a new product and offering the public a saving in their pockets with no online fees for customers.

The Solution

A FREE multi-functional cross platform website that is user friendly and Cost Effective.

Imbedded stripe accounts so the clients controls their own profits with no commission charges saving the restaurants 23% of gross online sales per year.

Low 0.50 cent online ordering fees for customers saving the public money on every order.

Integrated online sales function in clients Facebook page so food can be ordered directly from Clients Facebook Page.

Core Features

  • Free Website food ordering system
  • User friendly website for navigation
  • Individual ordering on your Facebook page
  • No signup needed through order process
  • Promotions and discounts availability
  • Delivery address via Eircode, Google Maps
  • Online credit card payment availability
  • Order Confirmation email with receipt
  • Restaurant app for live order confirmation
  • No Hardware installation needed
  • All Funds controlled by Restaurants themselves
  • First 12 months free to build customer base